Virtual reality application development

Let's digitize the products of your store into a VR catalog and create a shopping app

Why do you need virtual reality development?

This is the future of e-commerce. The most far-sighted trading platforms are already mastering this area. So far, it is new for buyers and sellers, but it will become as familiar as smartphones. And here's why:

Customers like the virtual showcase

She brings an element of the game into the usual shopping and makes you feel like a hero of the quest. One purchase with glasses or helmet will impress more than a hundred ads and commercials

It is easier for users to decide on a purchase

It is easier for users to decide on a purchase

It is profitable for stores to digitize goods

VR showroom allows you to save money by opening the sale of anything - furniture, cars, decor – without spending extra money on rent and logistics

We we will unlock the potential of your business, making the product really interesting for customers. A team of developers, designers and marketers will take care of this

How we work:

    Freeing up your time

    We fully configure the management of the VR store through the familiar convenient website

    Thinking one step ahead

    When your business grows, the virtual directory will expand with it without additional effort.

    What will we do:

    The competition in the virtual environment is still small, but it is growing rapidly. A marketer will conduct a market analysis to figure out how best to present your product to the audience

    We will prepare a technical specification in which we will take into account your wishes, create a store concept

    We will think over user scenarios according to which they interact with the product, create a prototype

    Let's adjust the graphics according to the real world. This is not just a beautiful picture, but an immersive design for a new level of perception

    We will develop an application for the store so that the buyer can buy using a VR helmet from anywhere

    We will provide realism with the help of the modern Unity game engine

    Vackend and frontend will establish interaction between the VR platform and the website so that it is convenient to add products to the catalog, make the digital arena understandable for guests

    The designer will think over the navigation and design so that the selection and purchase process is intuitive

    We will test and finalize the project to track errors even before launch



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