Roomsee Furniture Marketplace: Product SEO for 150+ pages

The Roomsee project made it possible to gather all interested people in one place.


pages worked out



22 000+


The number is growing monthly

Optimization results

For successful promotion, we have developed requirements for the site, analytics and filters

We created 24 advertising campaigns that gave up to 7 thousand clicks

Developed and implemented useful functions:

Change of color, size and modifications of furniture at will

Chat for communicating with the seller directly without intermediaries

VR app for those who don't want to waste time on shopping trips

This not only saves time, but also allows you to see the virtual product with your own eyes and evaluate it from all sides

We have made more than 100 advertising creatives for different segments of the target audience

We have worked out the web design for the correct display of pages on various devices in accordance with UX

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