Startup packaging

We will prepare a project that appeal to customers and investors

Why do you need this?

If no one knows about your idea, no matter how innovative and useful it is.Not all startups become successful in the market, and here's why:

Saved on site

A simple template structure and design is not something that will help to make a strong statement about yourself and gain a foothold in the market.

Postponed optimization for later

It is better to spend time painstakingly collecting semantics for each page in advance than to get a beautiful useless site.

Didn't prepare promotion strategy

It is useless to promote your business in a narrow-profile community or closed social networks

We know,how to deal with it and help your team from the earliest stages.

How we work:

    We save your time: we take care of all the packing work of the business so you can fully devote yourself to the project

    We strengthen your company with with specialists demanding in startups in startups: developers, marketers, designers'

    We control technical difficulties and deadlines: project manager control every step of the process from idea to launch

    We are responsible for the result: it is important for us that the site distinguishes your product from competitors

    What will we do:

    ВLess than 10% of startups succeed, and the main reason is poor market analysis.

    We will study the target audience and competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses

    A new product has only one chance to make a first impression.We will help with the identity so that the logo and slogan hit the target

    Based on theSWOT analysis we will develop a structure using a mind map.We select sections, pages and bind semantics in it for further filling

    A branching structure should not be complicated for the user, so we will package it into a system of logical and compelling landing pages.

    SEO specialists are responsible for the structure and promotion in search engines. They monitor URLs and metadata , prepare technical specifications for copywriters

    Frontend and backend will completely write pages, debug functionality, set up communication and payment forms, widgets. QA will track the bugs.

    A team of content managers, copywriters, editor, video maker, designer is responsible for the content

    The designer will create a design in accordance with UX/UI so that the site becomes a bright, intuitive and convenient tool

    Even after the launch, we provide technical support and adviseon any issues: functionality, content, promotion



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