Website for delivery

We develop delivery sites for any business area

simplify the work of administrators, chefs and waiters

Why do you need this?

Get a digital ecosystem for online orders, delivery, payment and interaction with waiters. A trending and technological product.

Increase the number of orders at times

The experience of other establishments shows that online orders are more willing and more

Forget about the problems with updating the menu

Change the positions of dishes at any time via a computer or smartphone

Maximize productivity

Manage your work much more productively (without hiring new employees and increasing labor costs)

There are plenty of suggestions for creating QR menus for cafes and restaurants

But their quality and functionality are disappointing. This is natural, since the development of a custom product with integrations requires a lot of time and financial costs

The good news is that we have learned how to do it quickly, inexpensively and turnkey

Why choose us

    There are successful cases

    Considerable experience in creating electronic QR menus with a full set of features (ordering, payment, delivery, communication with staff)

    We use only professionals

    Our UX/UI designers, marketers, developers and other specialists have already successfully completed similar orders

    Loyal price

    Thanks to established processes and experience, we make it more profitable than competitors

    What will we do:

    Digital interactive menu on your domain.
    With a wide range of options and great potential to attract customers

    A simple control system.
    Even a child will master it

    We will reduce the number of errors in orders
    Offline, the waiter is responsible for mistakes

    We will take the institution to a new level.
    Digital menu is a must-have for catering, the main thing is to use all the chips

    Let's increase your online presence
    What will affect brand awareness

    We will provide technical support
    Always in touch and ready to help

    Do you want a website for delivery?