Product SEO/SEM

We will take over the promotion of your project so that it solves the problems of customers and business

SEO department will be involved at the design and development stage Specialists will determine the strategy and values of the product so that it promotes itself

Our main goal is to increase your sales. We achieve profitable positions in search results, conversion growth and real popularity among the audience

Why you should think about SEO in advance?

It is customary to create a website first, and then start promoting it. It leads a loss of money and time for improvements. We stand for the food approach, because it gives

Competent structure

If you calculate the traffic forecast in advance, you won’t have to delete and add blocks endlessly while developing the site structure

Quick results

The effect of standard search engine optimization on a finished site is evaluated after 6-8 months or later. Product SEO will do it faster

Work optimization

We compile technical specifications taking into account semantics and user interest for each page, , so you don't have to rewrite texts and insert keys somehow

How we are working:

    We care about your customers: if the site is understandable and interesting to them, it will bring profit to you

    We test hypotheses and ideas. If we find out that they will not work, we will honestly warn and offer other solutions.

    We don't wait when everything is perfectly configured, but strive for the site that generating income as soon as possible

    What will we do:

    We think over the structure of the site depending on the goals of the business from scratch, determine the required blocks and their location

    We discuss ourselves SEO with developers, give them recommendations and control

    We analyze demand before compiling a semantic core so that queries correspond according the desires of consumers

    We carefully monitor all content - texts, prices, images, so that the site answers all the requests of visitors

    We are testing new channels and optimization methods continuously to respond to market changes quickly

    We conduct a full audit of the site to find all the errors and little things that hinder promotion

    We analyze behavioral factors to track in time the most popular pages and products

    We control technical indicators, semantic tags and meta tags to prevent critical errors



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